Write, build, deploy and manage your e-learning tests easily

Kidato is the name of the core test or quiz technology developed by Promanent. Kidato has been used in our popular training software and enabled us to become the leader in pc-based examination training in the Netherlands. Over the years we helped more than 100.000 students to pass the exam for their boating license. Today Kidato is used in more than 10 products which are widely known for their user-friendliness and robust performance.

With this background Promanent is now launching Kidato as a general solution for building web application development, deployment and management solutions. Kidato Studio is a complete learning development environment that combines powerful authoring tools with tight integration with Kidato Student Applications.

Write and manage questions

Our Kidato Toolkit editor provides an easy tool for writing and managing large datasets with questions. Simply cut and paste, compare, search and verify questions in your database. Inside the Toolkit you can generate exams, at random exams and using a matrix.

Design and build your product

Kidato's easy to use GUI designer helps you to design your own study environment and determines how the user will experience your publication.
Add graphics, text, news items, manage modules and profiles and set the parameters for online updates.

Deploy and publish

Kidato can be deployed on different media. Publish your training to cd, dvd or download. Export to Word for printing or distribution on PDF.
Publish to your website running Kidato Online or host your training on Kidato Live.

Create and share

With Kidato you can create your tests and training products for all kind of examinations. Use your skills to design professional looking products and share them for free on Kidato Live or commercially on your own website, cd, dvd or any form of print.

Standards, Open and Cross Platform

Kidato complies with common e-learning standards. Kidato can import from and export to SCORM, CSV, and text based files. Kidato Online can be used with html, css standards and can be deployed on webservers using IIS with Access or MS SQL.

Sorry, it's not here yet

Kidato will soon be made available as a suite of products for all e-learning professionals.
Kidato is now only available in Dutch and only by request. Contact us for more ....